Monday, January 3, 2011

Shelly's Big City

Shelly's Big City is one of those places where you just find by accident. It is located on West 57th Street which I have previewed before and is a great street to walk in the city.
we looked in the window and were really drooling  
my great friend says "Can we go in ?" 
no answer needed as I opened the door  
what amazing stuff .......we needed a coffee and some of this....... 
decor was really nice for the holidays  
I would have liked one of everything ....... 
this used to be called Shelly's Trattoria but now is Shelly's Big City Coffee Bar/Restaurant  
good selection of items for sure !! 
this is really a pretty part of the city  
as we head back to Fifth Avenue....and another new place discovered 

41 West 57th St 
between 5th and 6th Avenues  

Shelly's New York (Tradizionale) on Urbanspoon



Amy Thomas said...

Oh yeah... I know where I'm heading when I'm back in NYC! Thanks for the delicious tip!

Alessandra said...

This place looks great to eat at!!

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