Thursday, January 6, 2011

List of Must See New York City Museum Exhibits for 2011

                            This is just a small number of wonderful exhibits in the city for 2011 but what I felt where the most outstanding, not to be missed! If the link doesn't work above, just google the museum name and you can find information on the specific exhibit.

gorgeous display from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

                                   Today's Words of Wisdom: See What is All Around You 



Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

We'll be in NYC in August. Would love to give the museum a visit.

Kitty said...

ah, great list!!
I haven't been to a museum in ages. So embarrassing. This list reminds me that there is so much to see and learn out there. Thank you!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks so much!
This is a terrific list!!
Gives 2011 shape and color to look forward to.

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