Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Limelight Marketplace "The Food"

Okay so the food in this place is pretty amazing. I love the fact that all these great stores/bakeries/cafe's/restaurants are all under one roof. This is a great place to go should weather be not so great in the city but you can still enjoy some unique shopping and yummy food. 

The famous Grimaldi's Pizzeria was to open in December, it wasn't ready when we were there, but should be just wonderful to try a slice of their famous pizza. I will be back for this place, maybe January sounds nice when it's a bit cold to be walking the streets for very long. Well on we go to explore what is opened.........
thank god we were just at the Chocolate Show because it would have been bad if we were we didn't have room to carry any more bags!!  
The Little Candy Cake Co. had adorable items and great wedding favors  
Cupcake Stop is one of my faves and I have had them from their truck  
it was so good I didn't want one of these.....they won best cupcake on the food network  
is this not just so adorable? I was really impressed with the place...big time 
if you are not into coffee...Miss Tea is here for you 
Whisk is a fun kitchen shop and great to bring gifts home to family and friends  
Baci Gelato ..the only location in the city...did I say this place has 3 floors and we are only on the 1st floor?  
Cappuccino Crunch....Pistachio....these look amazing 
Ferraro(hazlenut), Banana Split, Mango,Blood Orange, Mint Chip - how do you decide on 1 flavor?? 
it's not getting any better as we walk...look at this cake!! This is the Butterfly Bakeshop  
I don't know about you but I would love this Bug Cake any time of the year !!  
how cozy does this feel? I really do think this place is quite a gem .......
gourmet cheese is here as well and displayed so beautifully  
fresh breads available  
meat counter looked amazing !! 

So I can safely say this is a must see place when in the Flatiron district. It has some of the most glorious places you would visit in the city all under one roof. I will be back very soon....that gelato is calling me daily. 

47 W 20th St and 6th Avenue    Mon thru Sat 10am-9pm
                                         Sun 11am - 8pm 
Nearest Transit: 23rd St-6th Ave (F, V)

23rd Street (PATH)
23rd St-Broadway (R, W)

Today's Words of Wisdom: Mistakes are the portals of Discovery  

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 


Unknown said...

I love limelight market, and bridgemarket is also great !

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I have not been to bridgemarket but will look into that one...limelight is wonderful ! :)

Unknown said...

take a look here:

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