Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gnosis Chocolate at the 2010 Chocolate Show

We have not had any chocolate photos here is another vendor from the Chocolate Show that caught my eye:
Gnois Chocolate is the world's most healthy chocolate in it's raw form  
their displays were very informative indeed and they are handmade right in NYC !! 
they were quick to explain anything shown and I found it very interesting as they always say chocolate can be healthy for you 
they have a large selection of items to choose from..... 
I loved the displays and how they showed what went into each chocolate - there is no refined sugar, cholesterol, also free of gluton, dairy and soy .........

Passion Elixir ....with cayenne is the reason for the rubber gloves....the drink is to build resistance and fight fatigue ....I didn't try one but looked impressive .....

You can find more at their website HERE

Today's Words of Wisdom: Energy Increases with Happiness 



Paris Pastry said...

Interesting! Did you sample any of their chocolate?

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

yes we did and it was really good!!

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