Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jer's Peanut Butter and Chocolate at the 2010 Chocolate Show

I had the pleasure of seeing many new chocolate companies at the 2010 Chocolate Show. When I came across this one, all I saw was Peanut Butter married to Chocolate and I was in love!! They are probably my 2 favorite flavors out there......they just go so well together.
Jer's is from Solana Beach near San Diego, California and the taste is so amazing...a very homemade feel to it. They received an award at the 2009 Chocolate Show: 

Cara Mella™ Climbs To The Top
Wins “Best Chocolate Bar” at the Chocolate Show in New York

Over 60 worldwide chocolatiers were in attendance at the prestigious 2009 New York Chocolate Show, and Jer’s Cara Mella™ Peanut Butter Bars received the “Best Chocolate Bar” as part of the expo’s Best In Show awards.

Jer’s Cara Mella™ Peanut Butter Bars are made with all-natural gourmet dark chocolate, homemade creamy caramel and fresh organic peanut butter (made from locally-grown Valencia peanuts, the most nutritious, peanut-sweet and protein-rich available). We’re thrilled to receive this honor from such a highly-regarded group of industry experts!

The Peanut Butter Bars are to die for !! They come in 4 flavors: Pretzel, Original, Toffee Break and Cara Mella cannot go wrong with any of these if you love peanut butter 

they also sell a signature line of chocolates which were very tasty as well.....assortment of white, dark and milk peanut butter truffles........

nice sample packs were available at the show but I think I prefer the 1lb. box 

I am so glad I had the pleasure to attend this show...and I found out this was Les Fondues au Chocolat - how great is yummy!!  

Today's Chocolate Words of Wisdom: One can never have too much Chocolate !!  

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 

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Champagne Macarons said...

Everything looks delicious! However, I'm not sure I could eat another bite of chocolate now that Christmas has passed.
Wishing you a new year filled with peace, love and happiness.
xoxo, B

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