Thursday, December 30, 2010

Empire State Building & Museum of Sex

The Empire State Building is probably one of the most famous buildings in NYC. It took me a while to take a peek at it of all the times I have visited the city...not sure why. But it sure impressed me......
this was my first view of it while on a walking tour of the village 
March 17, 1930 construction began on the building  
the person to the left in the brick building is actually a sculpture...pretty neat 
you can read more about it's long illustrious history HERE
5th Ave and 27th street brought us to the Museum of Sex which I had read about but never saw in person 
NYC has so many museums and this one even has an Aphrodisiac Cafe which sounded interesting...we did not go in the museum or cafe but I would like to check it out in the future when in that area. The cafe sounds like it would be an experience!!

Have you visited the Empire State Building? What impressed you about it? Do tell....

Today's Words of Wisdom: The Majority is often Wrong 


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