Monday, December 13, 2010

December Birthdays

I received this great postcard the other day from Henri Bendel for my birthday discount - such a nice touch I thought!! 
maybe I will use it for one of their great bags as above...just so adorable 
my birthday is today and thought I would share some of my cake choices this one would do just fine for the celebration - my mom's is in another week as well, we have many December birthdays 
December is always the time of year for the first snowfall and wonderful holiday decorations (if we are lucky in the northeast and don't get snow on Thanksgiving) 
these cakes from Zaro's would make me quite happy as well - I was always lucky my birthday is a few weeks before Christmas so I didn't get 1 gift for both - 
I could find many things in here to my liking - not cake related of course!! 
Junior's cheesecake - great birthday cake choice - and they do ship their cakes!!
I think after a day of shopping and having dinner, a lovely sit down with my mom having tea by the fireplace with the Christmas tree is a great way to end my birthday. 

and of course my cannoli birthday cake.........

What is the best way you have spent your birthday? Do tell .......

Today's Words of Wisdom: Simple Things are Beautiful 

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 



erica said...

You have me drooling over all the amazing looking desserts. My mum loves Cannoli's and I really want to try to make her some for her birthday (christmas eve) one year but I have no idea how to even make them. I love these cakes and definitely think I need to make or buy her a gorgeous one.


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Cannoli's are great but frying the shells are work. Our local bakery sells the shells unfilled and then you can make your own filling which is easy and they are kind of homemade!! I think Ferrara's sells their shells in the grocery stores as well......glad u like the blog!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday kid.
I hope your day was stuffed, like a cannoli, with love.
You probably already know of this place but if you do not, it is my birthday gift to you...
De Robertis Pasticceria
176 1st Avenue, New York
The place was established in 1904 and the ambience makes one expect a mob hit at at any moment.
X David, NYC

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thank you David for the lovely words. I did not about this place but sounds like I need to visit in next month .....hope you have a most excellent week!!! :)

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Oh I just googled them and they are near Veniero's where I just visited!! Looks amazing on their I am eager to get back to the east village......

Vær våken said...

That cake looks so delicious! AND I love your photos from the Plaza tea!!!I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy late birthday!!! Hope you had a special day :)


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