Friday, September 10, 2010

Map Guides to New York City

First, after just coming back from my 5 days in the city, when heat was really HOT ...I felt the need to advise on the best maps to take with you when visiting. These are my personal opinions, I see the city monthly and try to visit new areas. Maps are really important and there are so many to choose from out there. 

The Red Maps to me are the best out there .......very colorful..waterproof, no-glare matte finish, the company is based in NYC !! 

they are so easy to read and the one for NYC shows you subway stations which is so important......the one above is for Midtown area which is very detailed......

they come in NYC/Manhattan, Soho/Nolita, Midtown, Chelsea/Meatpacking, Brooklyn/Williamsburg. All you need is the one for NYC/Manhattan and whatever area you are planning to go that day and you are all set - the best thing also is there are easy to take out fast and check quickly (I hate to take forever to get the map out and find what I need) then put it back in your bag quickly! They make them for other cities/countries as well......

My second fave and one I read often is the Not for Tourists Guides.....they are really great little books of lots of information. I would say read this before a trip, see where things are that interest you and it will help a great deal. They also sell wallet maps and you can download a pdf of an area you wish to visit if you don't want to buy the book. But I say, buy the will not be sorry!! Their website has lots of interesting information as well about what to see and do in different cities. 

Maps really are very important when you travel and for them to be easy to use, quick to review and light for your bag/purse is a plus. I hope I have introduced some of you to these great choices and that they help you where you may be traveling next!

Today's Words of Wisdom : Get up and Go 

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 

* I have not received any compensation for this post from either company/ this post was my own idea to help travelers when choosing maps to navigate the city* THANK YOU * 


SohoAccessories said...

Thanks for the tips. Thinking about going to Boston and the maps and book would be a big help since I have never been there before.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

both of these guides are great for anywhere you may go...Boston is a great city!

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