Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Green Flea Market

The Green Flea Market was one of the "to do" items on my list being in the city for 5 wonderful days. I was attending the US Open tennis tournament, for the 16th year (doesn't really seem that long!!) and was going to see many city sites as well. I was not disappointed at all.

It is located in the Upper West Side, 100 West 77th Street, near the Museum of Natural History. The biggest problem for me with this flea is it is only on Sundays and I am usually in the city Wednesday or since I was going to be there on a Sunday, it was the day to explore the flea!! They have unique items for gifts to bring back to family and friends.

I took the #1 subway which took me to 79th Street Station and then walked down to 77th street. It was hot already, arriving around 10:30am - it wasn't really crowded yet so good to get there early and then leave. They have indoor and outdoor vendors at this flea market.  

the first person I met was Angela...should have taken her photo but got her card. She gave me a beautiful chinese fan as I was a bit hot entering the indoor vendor area! She was so sweet and her handmade cards are gorgeous......

I purchased this one and plan to frame it as it is just so pretty. She makes them for every occasion and this one cost me $3.00 - need I say more !!

as I headed outside, someone was selling water...I thought "thank god" as it is hot as heck...cost me $1.00 which I thought he was kidding! :) I was so excited to finally be at the Green Flea!!

everything you can imagine is here for purchase.....

these clothes were so much fun !! love the hats !!

this is Helen Seelig who was just an absolute doll ! I have to say about this flea, the people are the best part. Everyone was so friendly, talkative and helpful I felt right at home. Helen sells vintage items but also has wonderful Greek Olive Oil. It is made on her families farm they have had for 400 years. The lady standing, I didn't get her name down, sold great magnets with quotes on them. Wacky Magnets Website

She was so kind to give me a bottle to try I was very excited. Maniati Gold Olive Oil ...freshly made...Helen also is at the flea market on Saturdays on the Upper East Side at 66 - 67th Sts. between 1st and York Avenue. We agreed Italians and Greeks are very similar and olive oil is something we both appreciate. I will be seeing Helen again at the Saturday flea for sure. Such a sweet, sweet lady!!

 I wanted all these chairs in the worst way! Just love the colors and the whimsy of them all .....hard to take back on the bus however!

more furniture items....they even had very old cameras from the 1900's .....amazing!!

To say I enjoyed this flea was an understatement! The variety of merchandise and the people were just beyond my expectations. Please try to get here if you are in the city on a Sunday, you will so enjoy it. 

Today's Words of Wisdom - To be good is easy; To be great is difficult 

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 


Aprendeconvale said...

I do also love flea markets, as a matter of factyesterday I visited one and I am loaded with pictures... stay tunes. Congrats for your blog!

Merisi said...

Fantastic assortment!
The water was cheap, compared to what they charge in airports, 3 Euros not uncommon!

Vær våken said...

Hi Rosemary, I sure wish they had flea markets like that over here! Looks exciting!! Have a great new week! xo's Kristin

Unknown said...

Wow! What a I want to go to a fun Flea Market too!

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