Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Financier Patisserie NYC Part 2

I am not really adding much more text to this post as it is devoted to the photos...and pastry...........

works of art 

I wanted one of everything

Almondine next to some Linzer cookies 

what would you choose if you could only pick 1 ?

for me the berry tarts are out but pretty to look at 

this selection however is a bit of a problem

the hazelnut macaron was and I enjoyed this at home

how popular would you be bringing this to a dinner?

this was a bananna eclair which was sooo good

I also took home the last coffee was amazing

Make a note on this place for your next trip to NYC. They also have a savory menu ...great salads, tarts and quiches for under $ sandwiches and baguettes plus Croque Monsieur for $8.50. A great idea for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. 

Financier Patisserie  on Urbanspoon

Today's Words of Wisdom: Make it Happen

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 



Paris Pastry said...

It's always SO difficult to pick only a few pastries in a patisserie!
The macarons are cheap btw.

Vær våken said...

I would want one of everyone, too!!! I am blown away by these pictures! Happy Saturday!

Kristin XO

Joyce said...

Totally unfair to temp me with all of these goodies:-) Oh I can't wait to come to NY to eat myself into a tizzy!

Grumpy1 said...

My daughter just landed in NY last night - I will let her know about this shop, but, unfortunately, she'll be another 6 weeks before she gets home to OZ, so I won't get samples! ha ha.
Life is full of heartaches, and woe!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Roberto, she can pick up some of the cookies already packaged - they should hold up for you and they are delish! There is one Financier and Madeline's and Chocolate Flourless cookies if u are a chocolate lover. Hope she enjoys her stay in the city!! Tell her not to forget Top of the Rock !!

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