Friday, June 18, 2010

Oceana Restaurant

Upon our recent trip to the city, to the great Food Hall in the Plaza by Todd English..we had to get some dinner. I had heard excellent reviews of Oceana, they had moved to this new spot at 6th Avenue and 49th Street near the McGraw Hill Building from East 54th Street. So Oceana it was which specializes in Seafood which my friend and I just love. 

beautiful decorations..this is a high scale place, nice for a special occasion 

that large glass room towards the back is the wine cellar, they have tonz of selection from normal price to sub-lime price 

the bread was to die for...excellent and warm when brought to the table

cold asparagus soup - presentation was lovely

calamari was to die for...just wonderful...we had the pre-post theater menu for $49 as seemed like the best deal

the salad of local greens was huge..enough for a whole family but my friend who loves salads...ate the whole thing!!

the 1lb. lobster was an extra $5 but at this point, what the heck? veggies came with it as well 

salmon was gorgeous and very tasty but done plain, grilled

these green beans were the best I ever much flavor

where are the desserts you ask? well here comes the negative. as well as a not so friendly hostess, we advised we needed to leave by 645pm for a bus. It was 630 and no desserts therefore my carrot cake cheesecake had to be put in a doggie bag. We did have the sorbet as that would have melted. I wasn't too happy about that as did want coffee as well and it seemed our waiter was not too on the ball. My friend did leave her bag there and they did call me and offer to ship to her free of charge which I thought was a nice jester. Overall the food was good, portions not huge but I couldn't finish my salmon. They are also open for lunch so I would do that maybe next time. I would say try the place as you can't go wrong with the food and maybe the hostess will be in a better mood as well!!
Oceana Restaurant 
LunchMon-Fri: 11:30am-3pmDinnerMon-Thu: 5pm-11pmFri-Sat: 5pm-12amSun: 5pm-10pmBrunchSat-Sun: 11:30am-3pm
Today's Words of Wisdom: Dare to be Unexpected 

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Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 




highheeledlife said...

What a good deal! I hear that lobster calling my name... :) Have a great week-end!! HHL

Vær våken said...

This looked so good! I'm sure the green beans tasted amazing! Oh, how I love to go to restaurants and eat good food!! Have a great weekend!


Merisi said...

All looks so delicious, too bad when the service does not do the food justice!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I would like to add to this post/review that Oceana contacted me regarding the negative of the dinner and did apologize. Management seems to be on the ball. I did leave my issues on the comment card as well. We will try them once more to see if the service will keep up with the great food they offer.

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