Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 US Open Tennis Tickets on Sale This Week !!

I have been attending the US Open tennis tournament since 1994. The first year I was lucky to see Andre Agassi practice with John McEnroe. After that, I have just enjoyed it year after year. Tickets went on sale this Monday for the 2 week tournament. The tennis center is located in Flushing Meadows, Queens and is about a half hour drive from the city, if traffic isn't an issue. 

I am staying at the Crowne Plaza Times Square for the 2nd year in a row...right next to the Hershey store....very good for a chocolate lover!!

their rooms are very nice as have had a remodel recently

nice size bathroom as well which is hard to find in NYC hotels

the grounds are really beautiful...here is the Arthur Ashe Statute 

this was from 2003 from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History by artist Nellie Lou Slagle - so very much adorable !! 

The new Heineken Light lounge was great last year...air conditioned and a great place to cool off, get a drink and watch the matches going on around the grounds 

they have a pretty good food selection at the tennis center..this burger was $12.00 but really enough for 2 people!! 

 Mojito Restaurant & Bar is a fun place with a 1950's Cuban inspired menu - very tasty stuff!!

the entrance/exit near the famous Globe from the 1964 World's Fair 

If anyone is interested in attending the Open this year, possibly for the first time, please feel free to email me any questions you may have. I will be more than happy to give suggestions to you to make your trip one great experience!!

Today's Words of Wisdom: Good People Can Do Bad Things 

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 


Paris Pastry said...

How fun! The crowne plaza has a great location. It's nice to visit times square at the end of the day and load up on those Reese's pieces ;)

Emily said...

SO jealous! Used to go every year when I lived in NYC. Now I get to go to Wimbledon, which is equally fun but so much less rowdy! I miss Andre:( Lovely blog!

Vær våken said...

Lucky you!! Wish I could come! And thank you for your very nice comment! I so much agree with you!! Have a nice day!

Kristin xx

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