Thursday, May 20, 2010

IL Cantuccio Biscotti di Leonardo

My visit to the city is always finding new and exciting places. The village is such a great place to explore and from being there the last few times, it is not crowded like midtown - give yourself a change and head down there for the day. Explore the wonderful historic little streets and see what you find. I read about this place in Time Out NY but came across it and well, was not disappointed - but when ever am I disappointed in NYC? 
really cute window caught our eye...along with that word "bakery" and "tuscan"
second window had an old fashioned scale 
this was under the countertops....beautiful 
very large tip jar, marble counters and free tastings .....
should have tried the pizza as looked really good
such a cute bag they packed those cookies in ....

the wonderful they are $29.00 a pound However they are worth every penny! And you do not have to get a whole pound...they were so nice here and I will most definitely be is a must see in the village. The cookies with the chocolate chunks are called Cantucci (similar to biscotti but different texture) and the second one are “Bruttiboni” (“ugly-but-good”), also known as "Mandorlati di San Clemente," are sweets typical of Prato. They are mostly made of white sweet almonds, egg white, sugar and hazelnuts...shaped by hand and cooked in the oven on a thin wafer. 

 I cannot say enough how amazing these were.....but they were amazing. Make a note of this place. You will be happy you did after you leave.          Trust me. 

91 Christopher St (between Bleecker St and Seventh Ave South) Greenwich Village  
Subway: 1 to Christopher St–Sheridan Sq  

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Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 


Splenderosa said...

Rosemary, the Italian comes out in me seeing these pics. Good job, ladybug.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW Those were expensive cookies Rosemary! They do look divine, Beautiful bakery too! I love all the special treats you find in the city!

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