Thursday, March 11, 2010

Desserts at the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show

I could not report on the flower show without dessert, could I ? Actually the show has really come around with it's food offerings in the last few years as opposed to in the beginning. Flowers and Foodies go hand in hand. Last year they tried a wine shop with tastings and it went over very, very well so this year it was there again. I did not get to check this out last year as my friend was not a wine person (or real foodie) but this year I did and it is a must do at the show. It is also a great way to relax from the crowds in the show itself and chill out with some wine. 

DiBruno Bros. had a food stand which was soo amazing! They also had their cheeses available to purchase...great salads, sandwiches and desserts.....

I meant to get one of these chocolate bars but it got too crazy at the end and we didn't get back to the wine area but one of the flavors is pomegranate filled dark good does that sound ??

It is a good idea to get to the wine tasting early and get a table as not a ton available 

Did I say Vodka tasting as well? I had some great Limoncello as well ! 

the prices were very reasonable but we had no time to go back to get something 
we didn't want to have to carry wine bottles all day with us so that was the only negative but I did take papers with the names of what I liked to possibly order at our home liquor store

Cupcakes !! Of course they are everywhere !! The next desserts are from Sweet Street company and you can order items on their website...these looked sooo good 

Mousse Shots ?? Nice idea..very small little something to curb your sweet tooth 

Rockslide Brownies ....very rich looking for sure 

I would have loved a piece of this Torta Tiramisu with Kahlua - it looked wonderful !!

Over now to Reading Terminal Market and these great fresh cranberries........

eggs from a hen looked oh so pretty in that grass...definately reminded me of spring on it's way 

painted gourds were really different and exciting 

when you walk in the market, you smell these amazing cinnamon buns baking...they are by an amish bakery named Beilers and well, these were right out of the oven........

they make all kinds of cakes, pies, cookies and breads and my friend got a shoo-fly pie to take home.  If you like molasses this is your Lancaster dessert. It is really tasty!!

Beilers Bakery Hours 
Wed 8am to 3pm
Thurs - Sat 8am to 530pm
They extend hours the week of the flower show 

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post ..............


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Paris Pastry said...

I love mousse shots! Such an elegant way to eat mousse. OMG, those Rockslide Brownies look to die for! I want one ... now!

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