Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 New York Fashion Week Day 6 - Ralph, Calvin and Isaac

This will be our last fashion show post. Sunday we get back to NYC business!! The designers I will show today are well known by first name basis. They all have great style and class and their designs are always a thrill for the fashionistas! Have a great latte, sit and enjoy ........


Calvin ( simple yet elegant)

Ralph ( loove those boots)




Isaac ( his show is really excellent)

Isaac ( omg)

Isaac (loove these pants!!!)

Isaac - can't do much better than this ??

Isaac Mizrahi's show was really wonderful. He also has a great line at QVC these days and the stuff is actually affordable and very stylish! He even has a juniors cheesecake with his plaid on it !! Be sure to check out QVC's website for when Isaac's shows are to be televised. He is also quite a character and fun to watch even if you don't buy anything but I think you just may! Plus he is a New Yorker !!

Have a great Saturday!!!!

only Isaac would make a plaid cheesecake !!!

how 'bout leopard? with a fudge border ...I am sooo there !!!

*fashion photos from and qvc photos from *


Jessie said...

I love those pictures !
please visit my blog and comment my post. Thank you

mariam said...

gorgeous pictures

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thanx but photos were from new york magazine for today's post as was not acting right !! The clothes are really great, glad u are enjoying them!!

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