Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lee's Art Shop NYC

Okay well now on to my trip to the city this past Saturday. First, the weather was amazing for January! It had to be close to 50 degrees and I was in my glory walking all over the place...finding new things. You see, even for someone who has gone to NYC since they were probably 8 years old, I am still finding new things! You just never know what you will find in this great place....sometimes it is best to go and not even have a plan and you still have a most excellent time.

So, as I walked up to Columbus Circle via 57th street...this was a great way to walk from Bergdorf Goodman, you make a left and just walk. There are some really neat shops along this route and one of the most amazing to me was Lee's Art Shop between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

First however some skating at Rockefeller Center around 10am....still a bit early for some I suppose .....

The Saturday Night Live Holiday Windows from Barneys moved to the NBC store which made lots of sense and they were soo great, a shame to put them in storage ....great move !!!!

Okay this was the first thing I saw in Lee's Art Shop window .....how fabulous is this ?? Loove it !!!

this was the second thing I saw and I don't know what this diamond cube was but I wanted it !!!!

okay here is another window.....such neat, neat stuff .......

yes, yes it's a Sex and the City ornament...and no, no I didn't buy it but I took a photo!! they had wonderful ornaments ........

another great lighting fixture....just love the colors.....

this was a tree that lights up...so adorable!!

Lee's Art Shop is "4 floors of creative inspiration" from their business card and I highly agree. Custom Framing, Lighting, Stationary, Gifts, Jewelry, Scrapbooking and also a Children's Shop on the fourth floor is really a wonderland! Definately a must stop on your trip to NYC - you will not be disappointed. I will be returning and taking some friends. Let's hope I will be able to get them out of the store!!!

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