I have had the privilege to enjoy some NYC tours, and I must say, I highly recommend them. There are all types of tours, whether you walk or take a bus, food related, history related, celebrity related, meeting just about anyone’s interests. The owner of Ahoy New York Food Tours, Alana, told me she even has locals take her food tour. 

What I really like about them, is you can visit an area you would not necessarily go on your own. I also love the fact that while you are traveling along, your guide is explaining to you what you are viewing along the way. They are great for first time visitors, but also for those who maybe think they have done all the tourist things to do in the city. 

I thought I would highlight on this page all the tours that I have taken and reviewed. If you are considering a tour, maybe this will help make your decision on which type to take. Or take one of each, they are all different, from different perspectives and give you a real unique taste of New York City.

In no particular order, here are my reviews of some fabulous tours: 


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