Monday, October 1, 2018

Patavini Gnocchi Bar

One of my visit to the city found an amazing new spot near Columbus Circle. One of my favorite pasta's are gnocchi as I used to make them with my Mom. I still need to try them on my own, and very soon, as nothing like fresh made. Little to my surprise, I found a gnocchi bar! Oh this is quite extraordinary!  
They make them fresh and you can purchase either cooked with sauce or take home to cook yourself. I was quite confused as to what flavors to try, they did have samples and they were pretty fantastic. When you order gnocchi out, it can be heavy if not made correctly. This one was very light and delish!  
A few tables inside but mostly for take out.  
The colors are just wonderful and so many unique flavors as well.  
I need to try the porcini next time, I took home the tomato and spinach, which would be pretty for the holidays!  
There is nothing like fresh made pasta.  
The boxes are quite lovely as well.  
Pumpkin !!  
These little ones in the front are made the same way but smaller, would be great for kids as well as adults!  

I love the little tri-color ones!  
I didn't get to try these little desserts but I am sure they are pretty amazing.  

I made mine by boiling and then in a fry pan, added EVOO, garlic and red pepper flakes. I just added the gnocchi and waited until they all became a bit browned and then took them out to enjoy. It is an easy way to eat them without sauce and a very quick meal. Some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese over the top and you are in pasta heaven! 

Patavini Gnocchi Bar 
1794 Broadway (near Columbus Circle) 
New York, New York
Open Daily 11am-9pm

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