Monday, March 12, 2018

2018 Philadelphia Flower Show

I attended the 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show last Tuesday, beating out the snowstorm that wasn't on Wednesday. after missing the last few shows. It was really crowded when we got there, to a point we had to move to a totally different area of the show. The photo above is the rain forest just as you walk in the show. 
Breakfast is important and we had one of the most amazing ones on this day. A vegetable focaccia from Metropolitan Bakery in Reading Terminal Market. One of my highlights of visiting the flower show is stopping at Reading Terminal for breakfast and lunch. I was sad to see a Panera Bread right across the street as I can't imagine folks wanting to go there instead of the terminal market. I can get Panera at home but this focaccia above was to die for.  I may need to go back just for more of this totally amazing bread.  
I noticed at the show it was missing the big displays which always blew your mind. I was kind of sad about that fact as the displays were always so gorgeous. We will look at some lovely photo pictures none the less, everyone is ready for Spring at this point, I am pretty much done with snow!  

This was a lovely display  
I am fond of anything blue and this really spoke to me, so pretty!  

This was a great display to tie in with the theme "Wonders of Water"  

Another one of my top faves from the show  

Beautiful, no ?  

I loved the different colors here - makes you smile!  
Termini Brothers is now selling items within the show which is nice because it can be very crowded in Reading Terminal Market. Their cannoli is pretty darn tasty, look at that filling? So rich and tasty!  

This was a train display which was done very well, the kids really enjoyed it  
The flower show has a bouquet every year around the theme and are always very fresh for only $15.00. You will have these flowers for about 2 weeks time.  
There are tons of vendors at the show, and this one stood out to me very much. Gorgeous vintage looking handmade jewelry from Elements Jill Schwartz  located in Massachusetts.  
I couldn't help not share this one!  
The Stella Artois van was adorable but everyone wanted their photo in front of it. So as much as I try not to add folks in my photos, this was not possible. Isn't it cute?  
I found some very tasty homemade peanut butter form Cheryl's Nut Butters and the maple flavored one went home with me. I love finding unique products at these type of shows! They ship from their website so I probably will be ordering more in the future.  
I had to end with a St. Joseph Day cake with the fabulous ricotta filling 

The Philadelphia Flower Show has been in production since 1829. It is a fabulous show for those who love gardening and flowers. I was a bit disappointed this year, with less large displays and more demos on the show floor. If you have never been, I highly suggest you check it out and be sure to dine at Reading Terminal Market. You will be quite a happy person! 

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