Monday, December 11, 2017

Bergdorf Goodman 2017 Holiday Windows

Celebrating the New York Botanical Garden 

Two imagined gardeners sit in a psychedelic botanical library surrounded by flora created by Brooklyn-based fiber artists Burke & Pryde Studio.

The famous holiday windows at Bergdorf's , partnering with a series of New York City institutions to outfit its iconic displays in a breathtaking ode to its home city. "While exploring this theme, we knew the windows had to be dynamic and multilayered to evoke the excitement of New York today, while simultaneously celebrating the city’s past," says the store's celebrated senior director of visual presentation David Hoey. "Our institutional partners provided an array of subject matter to inspire us, so we crafted a completely different type of window for each organization." Indeed, the American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Museum of the Moving Image, New York Botanical Garden, New York Philharmonic, New-York Historical Society, and UrbanGlass all leant their creativity in uniquely dazzling ways, and Hoey and team interpreted each vision in a manner that reflects the current institution in ways that are anything but obvious.

I enjoyed these windows, and the theme, but I must say, I have viewed better in prior years. These are quite a lovely display to honor some of the greatest institutions in New York City. The only photo I failed to take was that of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. 

This was one of my favorites! So fantastic! 

Celebrating the New York Philharmonic 

In this wonderful window, neon instruments light up before a gown-clad conductor.

Celebrating Museum of the Moving Image 

This was pretty great as well, love the Art Deco style! 

Against a backdrop of screens showing old movies, Hoey and team created an ode to Old Hollywood glamour in an Art Deco style.

Celebrating the American Museum of National History 

The museum's window features dinosaur skeletons encrusted in 1.5 million individual Swarovski crystals—covering them all took 350 hours of work.

Love, love these rhinestone dinosaurs ! 

Celebrating the New York Historical Society 

Artist Mark Gagnon created papier-mâché versions of New Yorkers from eras past.

This is great as well, and I love the papier-mâché designs 

These are from the side of the store, and I never forget to look at them as well as always so darn lovely! 

I hope you all enjoyed a little Christmas "magic" from Bergdorf Goodman!! 

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