Friday, November 11, 2016

Random New York City Photographs

I was in the city quite a bit in September, and these gorgeous photographs
could not go without sharing with you. How lovely a day does 
that look above? Just a perfect New York City day!  
Greeley Square lies between West 32nd Street and West 33rd Street and between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, and is taken up almost entirely by a triangular park. It is named after Horace Greeley, who was the publisher of the New York Tribune, the Herald's rival newspaper. (The two papers later merged to form the New York Herald Tribune.)There is a statue of Greeley inside the park, created in 1890 by Alexander Doyle. 

A really lovely place to take a rest and break while walking all around 
one of the greatest cities in the world! 

Lovely views from the Morgan Library and Museum.   
I am more a fan of their holiday windows than shopping in their store.  
Gorgeous views from around the Morgan Library area. I love to 
just stare at this building, so elegant.  This wonderful building is home to the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York

Architect Benjamin Wystar Morris (1870-1944) designed the Clubhouse at 37th Street and Park Avenue and built it on property that once belonged to the family J.P. Morgan. It was completed in 1931. The Georgian exterior, with its symmetrical red brick facade, reflects familiar motifs from Park Avenue brownstone mansions, but on a grand ten-story scale. The architectural ensemble formed by the entrance foyer and grand staircase stands as one of Morris’s great successes and as a New York landmark interior.  
I just love everything about this building. So fantastic!  

New York City is very known for surprising you when you are just
going for a walk with gorgeous architecture and history. I think that is one 
of my favorite parts about the city, the unknown, and how happy you 
are when you find something totally brilliant. 

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