Friday, October 14, 2016

Georgetown Cupcake in Soho, New York City

I finally got myself back to Soho after quite a long time. It has for sure become much more crowded, as well as commercialized which I didn't like. As I was walking around, I wanted to find Georgetown Cupcake. I watched their show for a little while, but the owners kind of got on my nerves so I stopped. I have wanted to try their cuppies however, so here we are on Mercer Street with those cobblestones! 
Very cool sign, very clean looking 
They looked really good, I like the doll-up of icing on top of each one 
Their cupcake menu varies each day, which most places seem to do these days. 
They look like the old fashioned cupcake your Mom would make for you 

Okay, this was M A J O R ! A rhinestone covered KitchenAid mixer. The girl told me they had one in every store. How cool is that? It was really gorgeous, everyone needs some sparkle in their kitchen!!  
The decor is very sweet, lots of pink, and very happy looking. 
My choices were the gluten free peanut butter fudge on the right, and the salted caramel to the left
The gluten free was something I just wanted to try to see what the taste would be, the cake was a bit dry but the icing was quite yummy. The salted caramel was really very good. The cake was moist and the icing was very flavorful. They should sell icing shots, I would buy one for sure! They were selling them on QVC, and the reviews were mixed, so I was curious to try them in person. I think fresh is the best way to go. I would stop in again for one if I was in the area. 
Fun cupcake design on the wall 

Have you had Georgetown Cupcakes? Did you like them? Please leave your comment below!!

Today's Words of Wisdom: I never met a cupcake I didn't like - anonymous

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