Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Best Apps for New York City Travel

We are all just so glued to our cell phones, however, many good things can come of it! I love being about to find out information on my phone while in the city. It quite spoils us I think, in a good way. I have listed what I think are the best apps you should have on your phone when visiting NYC, and many of them feature other cities as well. I use Google Maps quite often when trying to find a new place, sometimes it's right in front of me and I just don't see it! I have also listed most that have Android as well as iPhone and some Windows versions. I myself use my Galaxy Note and have never been an apple person, so it's important to see they offer Android as well. The Zomato app is the old OpenTable which I loved, I am still getting used to Zomato. Sit or Squat is very important, by the folks at Charmin, and it's so important to find a clean bathroom when walking around the city. I personally try to go to hotels as most have one in their lobby and it's always in good shape.

In no particular order:

1. Sit or Squat  by Charmin (Android/iPhone) - finds the cleanest bathrooms based on reviews
2. Groupon (Android/Iphone) - find deals on restaurants, shows, shopping, spas in NYC
3. Open Table (Android/Windows/iPhone) - reserve restaurants & cancel with ease
4.  Zomato (Android/iPhone/Windows) - check out restaurant reviews, order food online
5. Park Me (Andoid/iPhone) - find the cheapest parking when traveling
6. I Love NY (Android/iPhone) - State's official tourism app which shows all activities going on
7. Shout (Andriod/iPhone) - a platform where folks can sell tickets & reservations
8. ABC Eats - (Andriod/iPhone) - gives the health rating on every restaurant
9. Time Out NY (Andriod/iPhone) - from the magazine, gives you all activities in the city
10. Cups (Android/iPhone) - prepaid coffee plans for the cities best cafes

Do you have a favorite NYC travel app? 

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