Monday, April 11, 2016

A Visit to MOMA

I am very lucky that as a young lady, I was taken to museums by my family and learned to enjoy what they had to offer. As an adult, I can spend all day at the MET or MOMA, and be pretty happy. These are some of the finds during one of my trips to MOMA, which is so easy to get to on 5th Avenue. Don't forget to check out their fabulous gift shop, you can find some very unique gifts to bring back home! Many of these are in their permanent collection, and were most of my favorites I saw that day. Be sure you take your little ones to the museums, and they will appreciate it when they become adults, just like myself! 
Jasper Johns, Between the Clock and the Bed, 1981

How darn fabulous is this? Loved it !  

This chair looked painful to sit on  

Such a unique item to see in person!  

A classic painting  
Love all the colors here  

Just loved these designs and the play with color  

Another classic painting by a classic artist  

The garden at MOMA is really wonderful to chill, relax and enjoy your surroundings  

My total fave of the day - makes a GREAT wallpaper on your cell phone or computer!  

Have you been to MOMA? What did you enjoy seeing most? 

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