Monday, October 5, 2015

Benjamin N Duke House for Sale for 80 Million Dollars

This is my favorite mansion near the Met Museum. When I walk past, I always stop and just admire it. Upon a recent email, I come to find it's for sale for a small cost of 80 million US dollars! It is the Benjamin N Duke House, landmarked ( how could it NOT be), Beaux-Arts style ( my favorite it seems), built in 1901. The real estate taxes on this mansion would be $200,360.00 for the year. 
I love the statues in front, I just love this whole building, and was so interested what it looked like inside.  

Wonder no more! Sotheby's Homes is selling the property - from watching all the realtor shows on Bravo, I think it would look better staged but I think it's still gorgeous! The interior is French Renaissance Style, if you were curious! If money were no object!  
The residence stands as a splendid example of the extraordinary workmanship of that era and is one of the very few remaining along the Gold Coast of Fifth Avenue. 
This is just so beautiful. The mansion has 25 rooms, 8 bedrooms, 11 fireplaces and 10 full baths along with approximately 20,000 square feet. Your whole family could live here with you, and you don't even have to see them every day!  
Love, love, love that sitting area with the window. Just love and the fact you could just walk right over to the MET in seconds! 
Did you say you wanted views? How does this suit you? 

The limestone and red-brick facade extends 27 feet along Fifth Avenue and 100 feet facing 82nd Street. This optimum location is especially fortunate given the lovely assemblage of grand Beaux-Arts limestone houses, its proximity to the great cultural institutions of New York City and its sublime placement in the heart of the Upper East Side. 

I have said before, New York City really educates me in so many different ways. I never knew what Beaux-Arts meant years ago, but now when I see a building in the city that I fall in love with, it's usually this type of architectural design. I was so thrilled to see this article so I know now all about this gorgeous work of art! If you wish to read more about this home, you can check it out HERE - I really enjoyed reading about the history. It is so much more fun learning when you can see it in person, than reading from a book, don't you think? 

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