Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Financier Patisserie's 2015 Valentine's Day Desserts

Our friends at Financier Patisserie have some fabulous selections for Valentine's Day this year. I will be so ready when this weather breaks so I can bring you more coverage than ever of New York City. I have some photos provided by Financier for you to drool over! Their products are so fabulous, prices are reasonable and taste is amazing. These items you will not be making in your own kitchen, so nice to purchase unique desserts. I hope you are not reading this on an empty stomach. If you are, I am so sorry!  
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Bonbons (5 piece box) 
chocolate hearts filled with Passion Fruit, Praline Crunch and Framboise 
This is also available in a 10 piece box as well 
the classic chocolate covered strawberries  
Macaron sleeve 7 or 12 piece boxes available  
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box 
dark chocolate heart filled with cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles 
 Only Heart Frasier - Large (Serves 4-6) 
almond macaron cake, mousseline, vanilla biscuit, vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries
Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies (6 pieces) 
Linzer Cookie Hearts (6 pieces) - one of my Mom's absolute favorites !!  
Les Cœurs de Madeleine - Madeleine Hearts (6 piece box) 
classic lemon sponge cookies, heart-shaped and dipped in chocolate 
Tiramisu Coeur de Café - Large (Serves 4-6) 
lady finger biscuit, mascarpone mousse center with a light coffee cream dusted with cocoa powder
This also comes in a mini size which serves 2 people 
How can you go wrong with any selection here? It is next to impossible!! I had to throw in one of my original photos! 

Please visit Financier Patisserie's website for all their locations HERE 

Valentine's Day items will be available in all of our stores through Saturday, February 14th. If you wish to pre-order a specific item online, that will be available up until Thursday, February 12th at 3pm.

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