Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Best Vintage Shopping Places in New York City

Vintage is still a hot commodity in 2013. I do not see it going away any time soon. There is just something about the style, class and elegance of items from a bygone era. I still shake my head when items from the 1980's are now considered "vintage". There are so many great shops and flea markets in New York City to purchase or just browse and enjoy vintage items. Here is my pick, in no particular order, of the top 10 best vintage shopping places in New York City. I would hope my readers who live in this great city will leave their comments with places they visit for vintage shopping.

Today's Words of Wisdom: " I like the old, vintage Hollywood look " Gwen Stefani 

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SohoAccessories said...

Visit for vintage pieces. More beautiful jewelry to come.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I wish I had kept all my things from the 80's...I would be right in style!! Fun post!

I am "doing" NYC this week on my blog...hope you stop over!


Daryl said...

another great post .. love my Green Flea

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these great gems for all those that love a little vintage shopping. XO


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Vintage is here to stay So many great pieces to be found. Glad you are enjoying the post!! Happy Monday !!

Noble Vintage Clothier said...

Thank you once again Rosemary! While I do not get into the city nearly as often as I used to, for reasonably priced "true" vintage , I have been a longtime fan of Cobblestones on 9th Street and for great scores on designer thrift, Tokyo 7 has been a fave of mine since the 90's. It is wonderful to see a real comeback of vintage. So many great new little vintage boutiques have been popping up all over Brooklyn as well.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thank you Heather for the great suggestions. Brooklyn is for sure the place to go for restaurants, shopping and of course vintage.

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