Monday, November 5, 2012

Come Visit L.A. Burdick Chocolates!!

I had mentioned in a prior post that a good way to help the victims of the storm Sandy was to patronize them. Well this is an area which would be very welcome to visitors. LA Burdick is located in a really great part of Manhattan. Four blocks from Union Square, at East 20th Street, at the cross street of 5th Avenue, sits a charming chocolate shop and cafe. The area has lots going on, shops such as Sephora, Restoration Hardware, Club Monaco, Nike, Brooks Brothers, Loccatine, Michael Kors and Kate Spade are here for your viewing pleasure. The Flatiron building is also a few blocks up from here, which is always a fabulous site to see (and their is a MAC store inside too). You also avoid many of the crowds near Rockefeller Center coming down to this area, it is much more relaxed. 
After some shopping, you can head into this marvelous cafe and feel like you stepped into another world! It is truly a most cozy place to enjoy some hot cocoa and a dessert. 
How adorable is this? I just love the look of the brick, it is very rich looking. LA Burdick first started in New York City 25 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Paula Burdick, on this visit, and she is just the sweetest lady. She talked about how their candy is all hand made, preservative free and made with the best ingredients. 

The sampling of sweets, and their famous hot chocolate, had me quite say the least! The hot chocolate tastes like a melted chocolate bar, we had a mix of milk and dark chocolate, it was quite yummy! Their pumpkin latte was just highly suggested to try instead of the Starbucks version. Their recipes for the cakes offered were developed in Switzerland, and they have chefs from Germany and Austria which give such variety to their menu. 
My mom said their macarons were on the top of the list that we have tried/. And we have tried MANY macarons in the city. 

They even have something for the gluten free folks, which I thought was fabulous and it is so yummy! 
I loved the look of these and what a great gift to bring home to family and friends. 
Macaron presentation is just uber-lovey 
then there is the handmade chocolates 
You can purchase the cocoa bean shells for decoration which I think is quite cool 
I love love nougat and these looked so scrumptious and ready for gift giving as well 

The amazing selection of their cocoa products. You purchase the mix with a small whisk, so you can whisk the chocolate until it is smooth and creamy. Life is all about rich, creamy hot chocolate. You will never use swiss miss again! 
Presentation is key at LA Burdick, and this adorable wood box is right up there. The boxes are really so beautiful you do not have to wrap them at all, just give as they are, for a very happy recipient. 
The chocolates are really quite wonderful. Hand made, all natural ingredients, small bites of big flavors. A real chocolate treat for any chocoholic! 

5 East 20th Street (cross street 5th Avenue)
New York City, NY 

I am so thrilled to announce that very soon we will have a FABULOUS giveaway with LA Burdick. Be sure to sign up for my posts emailed so you do not miss it. My giveaways are a way for me to say Thank You to my readers and to allow you to try a new product or service. I am thrilled with the amazing companies I have worked with and continue to strive to find new, exciting businesses. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Aim High

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L.A. Burdick

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Daryl said...

fabulous place

uptown on Amsterdam we have Jacques Torres .. you must must must try their hot cocoa .. its amazing

Barbara F. said...

This place looks wonderful. I'd love to visit it for the holidays. Wondering if you had the drawing for the coffee giveaway? I may be behind the times. :) xo

Karla@TheClassyWoman said...

Rosemary, my goodness this place looks like a little piece of heaven! I love chocolate and adore French macarons. *swoon* I love supporting smaller shops and cafes vs. the larger chains.

I'll look for that giveaway, I'd love to win it! I wonder if they ship? I love handmade, preservative-free foods. When I go back to NYC I'll definitely have to visit this shop. You are so right, the best thing one can do to help business is to be a patron. Fantastic post-I enjoyed all of the photos!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes Karla they do ship their products and the chocolate is really very good.

I have had Mr Chocolate's hot cocoa and it is very good. There are so many fabulous places in the city, so little time and so many samples!!

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