Saturday, October 20, 2012

Five Fantastic Festive Drinks

Christmas is a great excuse to stock up on alcohol, for parties and dinners and as gifts for you and your kin. Here are a few drinks that should guarantee you a very merry Christmas, whether you are shopping for yourself or friends and family:

1) Prosecco – a bit of bubbly
An economical alternative to champagne that goes down just as well with party guests and gift recipients is that wonderful Italian wine, prosecco. This is the perfect beverage for festive get-togethers and it also makes a fantastic present for wine lovers.

2) Red wine – rich and tasty
There are some marvellous red wines available today from vineyards all over the world, which produce soft, fruity, spicy and rich reds that go perfectly with many types of food. You should therefore have a good cellar of red wines for the festive period, to go with meat and the variety of rich dishes that always appear during the holidays.

3) Brandy – warming and wintry
When you come in from the snow or the cold winter wind there is no drink better than a good brandy, to warm you up and make you forget the bitter weather outside. Have a bottle at the ready for guests and give it as a gift to lovers of strong, warming liquor.

4) Beer – frosty and refreshing
Not everyone loves the latest wine to come from the farthest mountaintops of Chile, or the Mediterranean, so make sure for parties you are stocked up with beer. A cold frosty one is still one of the greatest drinks available, and some of your guests are sure to think so.

5) Champagne – start the New Year with a pop
What else to drink on New Year’s Eve than champagne! Celebrate the last year and the beginning of a new with some delicious sparkling wine, which also works wonderfully as a gift for friends and loved ones.

Or for a fantastic festive gift, you could opt for a wine hamper from Clearwater which gives the lucky recipient a choice of delicious drinks to enjoy throughout Christmas and beyond.

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Maureen Makes It said...

I always want to try Prosecco. I love champagne and can even enjoy a sparkling moscato (sp?) now and then. I imagine the prosecco is similar to the sparkling moscato but I don't really know.


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Prosecco is Italian Champagne and it is wonderful! You really should try it for the holidays this year although I like it any time of the year!

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