Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sprinkles Cupcakes in New York City

If you did not know, cupcakes are a pretty big deal in New York City. I personally love them. They are such a great little treat, you can have 2 different flavors to try with a friend and they make people happy! Sprinkles originally started in Beverly Hills, California by Candace Nelson. Candace is also a judge on the Food Network show, Cupcake Wars. I was very eager to check them out indeed.  
Since I am a HUGE fan of color, loved the decor of the place very much. There are small tables at this location, near Bloomingdales, to sit and enjoy your cuppies.  
Very clean design and makes you happy when you walk in.  
I love original flavors and the Chai Latte is one of them but I have yet to try that flavor.  
These looked pretty good, You can always tell Sprinkles from other cupcakes as they have the famous "dot" on the center of most of their cakes. I suggest not to eat the "dot" as not very tasty.  
New York Yankee cupcakes. Nothing more I need to say here.  
The Mets are also here with their own cupcake in chocolate flavor. Nice touch to add the New York Teams to the selection.  
Another New York City special, a black & white, for the famous cookie. They look pretty as well.  
Okay so I tried the Red Velvet. First I have to say, being for the environment, everything is presented to you environmentally safe. I just cannot eat with a wooden fork! It was quite terrible, I have to say, and therefore needed to eat this with my hands, somewhat messy of a time. It was pretty good. I didn't feel it was really too special, good moist cake, removed the "dot" and icing just right. 

Their flavor selection is based on each day. So you may not be able to get your favorite depending on the day you visit. I am not too thrilled with that idea, to be honest. The Chai Latte is only offered 1 day a week which makes it hard to finally try one.  
I brought a few home to get a second taste. Lemon, Banana Chocolate and Chocolate Marshmallow. The lemon could have tasted with more lemon, the banana chocolate was the best of these three, the chocolate marshmallow was not tasty at all.  
Loving that colorful window! I have to say, these are not my favorite with all the selections in New York City. I would never tell anyone not to try them however as you may feel different. They have a huge following in California and also sell mixes in Williams Sonoma. I do want to try the Chai Latte, just to see how it is, but if that wasn't available, I think I would just make my way to the door. 
Everyone was getting on the Hampton's Jitney outside of the shop for their summer fun! Looked like quite a project, to say the least.

Have you had the Sprinkles cupcakes? What are your thoughts on them? I would love to hear your opinions!

780 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 
between 60 and 61st Streets and Bloomingdales 
Mon - Sat 9-9
Sun         10-8

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Fashion-isha said...

The decor of this shop is fabulous. Cupcakes are a pretty big deal in NY aren't they!

Daryl said...

Cupcakes are meant to be held in the hand and bitten into .. eating one with a fork is like eating pizza with a knife/fork so NOT a NY thing .. in my opinion, Magnolia Bakery has the best cupcakes in the city... tho I think if you stop into Zabars you'll find some pretty good ones that are made on the premises ..

The Fancy Lady said...

i absolutely love the sprinkles in california and was really excited when they came to nyc since im alot closer lol but they don't taste the same in new york as they do in california .
if your ever in cali try them there they are much better lol

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