Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Gallery Thursday "Rock Center at Night"

Rockefeller Center in the spring/summer months is really lovely at night. You can dine right near the gorgeous Prometheus, weighs only about eight tons!! It is a lovely experience to have a slow meal, a cocktail, good conversation and great company. Here is to a most fabulous Tuesday!! 

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I love Rockerfeller Center. It is quite a spectacular place.

s.c said...

Looks like fun. Nice shot.

Daryl said...

is it still called Sea Grill? We had my parents 50th anniversary brunch there

Murissa said...

It was such a thrill to visit 30 rock and NBC studios. I am such a fan of SNL it was like a humble admirer making a pilgrimage so some religious site.

The Wanderfull Traveler

PS be sure to fill me in one what a button swap is! It sounds like a good idea whatever it is.

Christina Conrad said...

What a fun night! I can't imagine drinking cocktails in this scene could be anything but euphoric.


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