Friday, April 20, 2012

A Revisit to Lillie's Victorian Bar

So for my charity bus trip to the city in October, I picked a new restaurant. Well, 2 to be exact as the one for lunch was wonderful but that 's another post. This is the dinner post. Lillie's Victorian Bar located East 17th Street in Union Square was an interesting choice. If you love Victorian decor...this is the place for you......
the outside is very Victorian as well as inside 

they serve lunch and dinner and reservations can be made on Open Table

it is named for Lillie Langtry and here is some info on her from Lillie's website:
Lillie was born Emilie Le Breton and raised on the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel. At age 20 she was married to the Irish land-owner Edward Langtry. Lillie became an acknowledged beauty of her era, an A-list guest, an actress, a model, mistress to the future king of England, and an inspiration for poetry and plays by Oscar Wilde. Known affectionately by her many friends as “The Jersey Lillie”, she moved to America in 1887 and became an entrepreneur and society hostess.

the decor is really amazing and is the clear star of this place

the bar area and furnishings were acquired from a Victorian mansion in Ireland 

I loved these gorgeous columns and the gold detail on the top 

our dinners were this excellent Crab cake which was all real crab

spinach pie - so yummy and generous size as well 

coconut shrimp...anytime coconut and shrimp are married it is one to last a lifetime!!
this was the most unique sink I ever saw....don't ask me why I took my camera to the bathroom as that isn't important but Look at this Sink !! The water trickles down to that little ledge (not sure what to call it!!) and from there goes into your hands. 

Lillie's was a fun place and great for a drink and something light to eat. The company I had for dinner was quite nice as well which makes it an even better treat!! They also had live music playing and they have a location near Times Square at West 49th and 8th Avenue. I am hoping to check out the Times Square location in a few weeks. 

Lillie's on Urbanspoon

Today's Words of Wisdom: Make Happiness a Habit 

*original post 11/22/2010

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Bella Bheag said...

I love the quirky Victorian wash hand basin - very unique! Greetings from Scotland!

Unknown said...

I need to stop reading because my list of places to see and do is getting too long...maybe two visits are needed!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

That sink was amazing! I could have stood there all day and just watched it! Need to check out the one near my bus drop off to see if they have the same thing! Good food and fun place to dine in for sure!!

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