Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo Gallery Thursday " Brownstone in the Village"

This photo taken on a Greenwich Village side street really shows the charm of the village. I just loved the brick with the blue door and scroll work. The flower pots really make the colors pop. Wouldn't it be great to walk up those steps, open the door and enjoy!! Don't forget to check out Greenwich Village when planning a trip to New York City!! 

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Anonymous said...

Love it...what a gorgeous walkup :)

s.c said...

Yeah, what kind of food will you find on such a place. Or what kind of interior. Interesting thought.

Bella Bheag said...

Can't begin to imagine what kind of lifestyle one would have if living in such a home at such an address in such a city! One can only dream!

But then again, you never know what goes on behind anyone's front door...!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I agree Bella, living in the village would be something I would so enjoy!
:) Glad you are all enjoying!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic submit. I'm dealing with several these issues.

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