Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jae Jarrell Gents Vintage

We are back at the Manhattan Vintage Show and the booth of Jae Jarrell Gents Vintage. Do you like how we travel from event to event? Just like being in NYC !!  
I had the pleasure to speak with Jae directly at the show and she was such a lovely lady. She said they have really had an increase in business with shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire......these vintage men's items are in high demand by the film and television industry.  
My father loved clothes and he would have went crazy at this booth!! The items were really just so wonderful and in great condition.  
This morning suit was really quite spiffy...don't you think?? I loved the pants, I would wear those myself  
Jae also has started carrying women's items as well and these were just very classy and chic  
My mom has one of those 50's purse boxes in her closet...nice to know they have such a value to them. They are quite unique and what a great gift for someone who has everything!! 

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Jae Jarrell
Gents Vintage
1920's - 1970's Classic for The Dapper 
Apparel * Accessories * Collectibles 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Attitudes are more Important than Facts 

** I am hoping everyone in NYC will be safe this weekend with the impending storm Irene. Please be sure to take the necessary precautions that the city officials are asking, as it is only in your best interest. ** 

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Anonymous said...

That morning suit is great. I can just picture a handsome gent in it.

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