Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman History Lesson 101

We are staying on 5th avenue now and heading to one of the most famous stores, although NYC has lots of those. This store is at it's present location since 1928 (that is when Mickey Mouse was born!!) the former site of the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion. Just imagine living in this wonderful building!! I would have been one happy gal for sure!! Their windows are just always it Jan thru Nov or the wonderful Christmas Windows.  These are what I had the wonder to see when I was there a few weeks ago and I was not disappointed :

here is the outside of the store itself in case you have never had the luxury to see it .....nice little house, wouldn't you say???

NEON - that is all I need to say - this was really neat especially since I got there as it was just getting dark....great time to window shoot .....................

the clothes are not half bad either ........what ideas these people come up with ????

I really liked the white dress in this one.....and the light bulb .........

loove the colors in this one.....cute dresses as well .......

I really like how the reflection of the trees are in this shot.....very cool look .......

Alexander McQueen...finally got a designer name to go with the window.....

loove the huge light socket .....the red dress in this one is really neat...which is your fave?

is this not just gorgeous?? I had to hang up my phone and get out the camera to shoot this dress as it was just amazing!!!!

After you finish seeing the windows, this is across from the pretty the trees looked all lighted up......yes, I did enter the Plaza but that is a whole different post. Sure to make your mouthes drool.......:)

Happy Sunday to All !!!

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