Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nicola's Marketplace Biscotti

I recently had the pleasure of tasting biscotti from Nicola's Marketplace. The website has amazing Italian foods which all look really wonderful and freshly made. Nothing beats Italian cooking, you can use the most simple ingredients and the dish comes out amazing! 

A little bit from their website:
Founded by Chef Nicola, the Marketplace was started in 2021 with a mission to bring customers a delightful experience with every order. Chef Nicola is passionate about high quality and taste when it comes to creating the ultimate culinary experience.

I liked the fact that they were not rock hard, my Mom's recipe is for a very soft biscotti which I love. If I don't want to dip them in espresso or coffee or tea, I can eat them on their own. Lots of cranberry in this one and hint of orange. Just enough. 

I love chocolate in general but when you pair with hazelnut or walnut, it's magic! These flavors were right on point, not too sweet and just perfect. The biscotti is also small size which is nice as well, especially if you want a few for breakfast. They make a very nice light dessert after dinner, 3 of them would be perfect after a heavy meal. 

You can really see them up close in these photos, they are really wonderful and I would highly suggest you give them a try if you are a biscotti lover! 
Just look at all the cranberries and pistachio !!!

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**I was sent biscotti from Nicola's Marketplace for the purpose of this review. The opinions herein are based on my own experience and are my own.


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