Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dough Doughnuts Giving Back to Frontline Workers

I received information about Dough Doughnuts (one of my NYC faves) giving back to our heroes "the frontline workers" and wanted to share the information. If you have the ability to help, it would be wonderful. I think it is safe to say we cannot thank these folks enough for all their hard work and dedication during this crisis. I think when it is all said and done, there should be a parade of thanks for them. 

Here is the information and links if you wish to donate: 

It started with taking the proceeds from delivery orders that have already come through and making a generous gift of free doughnuts to Lenox Hill Hospital. A single Instagram story from the frontlines of the hospital made Dough realize they had to do more.  The team kicked into high gear and created Frontline Sweet Support. The idea is to provide even more of the tri-state area’s frontline personnel with something that made them smile.

Dough Doughnuts has already made donations to several hospitals including Manhattan VA Medical Center, VA Medical Center, New York Presbyterian and Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine, Veteran’s Medical Center, NYU Langone Hospital and the Homeless at Bowery Mission.

Contributions will go to supporting our front-line heroes and will cover the cost of producing and delivering the sweets. The contribution not only covers the cost of producing and delivering the treats, it also helps keep Dough’s production staff employed, jobs sorely needed in the hospitality industry at the moment.


How contributions help:
      $18: Box of 6 Support Doughnuts*
      $36: Box of 12 Support Doughnuts*
      $180: Box of 60 Support Doughnuts*
      $360: Box of 120 Support Doughnuts*
      $1,800: Box of 600 Support Doughnuts*
*Includes cost of food, individual packaging, wages and delivery; Dough Doughnuts is not profiting from this venture. Thank you for your support. We’d love to feature  Dough Doughnuts and the work they are doing.

People can learn more and make a contribution at

Note to Editors| How They Make Their Doughnuts In Era Of Covid-19
Dough Doughnuts is taking extra steps to make sure they are making their Doughnuts safely including the following guidelines while making the doughnuts out of their flagship store in the Flatiron building:
  1. All employees wear masks & gloves at all times while in our location. Employees must wash hands when entering the store, and every time they change their gloves.
  2. All employees wear clean aprons/shirts/pants for every shift.
  3. The kitchen & store are sanitized multiple times a day with commercial sanitizing solutions.
  4. When they deliver to hospitals, all doughnuts are individually wrapped and packaged in bags to head out.
  5. When delivering, their delivery driver also wears a mask & gloves and meets a health care worker at a designated pick up location, usually off campus of the hospital.
  6. Their storefront is still open for takeout / delivery. We only allow up to 2 customers/delivery drivers in the store at the time. All others are asked to wait outside in a line with 6 ft. of distance between themselves.
  7. They have glass barriers in our store to separate customers from our employee who is working. Their kitchen is also separated by a door and glass wall from customers.
  8. They only have 4 employees (usually roughly 35 - 40) who are currently working and who have been working. They usually only have 2 employees for most of the time in the store. They stay at least 6 ft. apart at all times.

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