Sunday, February 9, 2020

10 Best Chocolate Shops in NYC 2020

There have been many lists of the "best" chocolate shops in New York City. There will be many more, as there are so many wonderful artisans out there with such talent for chocolate making. This list has been revised for 2020 as some places leave the city, and new ones arrive which are reason to celebrate. New York City has some of the best food the world has to offer, and chocolate is big on that list.

This list is quite unique, ranging from classics like Jacques Torres with his chocolate covered cheerios to MarieBelle who has some of the best hot chocolate you will enjoy to LA Burdick with their adorable chocolate mice to Royce Chocolates who have matcha flavors. You will not find Godiva on this list as I do not feel it is special to NYC. Some of these shops you cannot find outside of the city or very minimal in other states. I would make a point to give them all a try and see what you think. Explore your love of chocolate in the best city in the world!

This is my personal list, in no particular order, (that would be very hard to do):

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