Monday, October 14, 2019


I was extremely thrilled to be able to pop in the city last Friday to check out the latest installation from British artist Lucy Sparrow. She is a fantastic artist who makes wonderful everyday items out of felt. Each piece is hand signed by the artist. Her last installation in NYC was in Chelsea and items sold out before the end of the run. She makes a certain number of pieces to bring for the exhibit/shop and when they are sold out, they are gone. The NY Deli is a great idea and I was thrilled at each item. At a time in the world when there is so much negative news, it is nice to step into a place like this and have a smile the whole time you are there. The lowest items seemed to be in the Patisserie shop but I managed to snag a few pieces. I hope you enjoy the photos and if you are in the city prior to October 20th, I would highly suggest you stop in. It is right near Magnolia Bakery on 6th and W. 49th Street.  

As much as I love macarons, I couldn't purchase 1 for $20 and decided on bigger items instead. Are they not the most adorable?  

One of these little guys came home with me - not many of them left  
The carrot cake was adorable too and kept calling me to take home  

The corn was just too good!  

I also felt the need to take a banana home as well  

It was really hard to not purchase an oyster but I refrained  

The onions were another fave with a little tear! So darn cute!! 

From the Rockefeller Center Website:

Contemporary British artist Lucy Sparrow, known for her covetable felt art pieces and shops, will return to New York City with Lucy Sparrow’s Delicatessen on 6th, an interactive public art project and retail experience at Rockefeller Center. This sixth installation in her felt shop series is a New York City upscale deli, with every single one of the items, from cheese to fish, chocolate to fruit handmade out of felt. All items in the fine food shop is available for purchase. This installation is part of the ‘Art in Focus’ public art program at Rockefeller Center presented in partnership with the non-profit Art Production Fund. Open 11am - 8pm, 7 days a week, October 1 - 20, 2019. 

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