Thursday, September 12, 2019

Barachou NYC French Cream Puff Bar

I was thrilled to pop in a new French cream puff bar (yes, that is a thing) that just opened on the Upper West Side called Barachou NYC. It is a very small space, there are about 3 tables inside to sit and dine, but mostly made for taking out. I was hoping it was a bit bigger, but being there early on a Sunday morning, I was able to snag a seat.  
The place looks really elegant, which is expected for a French cream puff bar. The flavors will change weekly, and they will also serve savory eclairs, coffee, tea, juices, fruit salad, soups and avocado toast.  
Are you smiling yet ?  

How does one choose? I love the idea of cake slices as well. So great for one person or two to share for a bit of something sweet.  
Are they not just adorable? I love the mini food items we have been seeing, like Baked by Melissa, as it's so easy to try a few flavors and still not feel overly full.  

My choices were the pistachio, hazelnut and red velvet.  
As you can see, they do not skimp on the filling, the puffs are filled very well! This flavor was quite fantastic, and not overly sweet.  
The hazelnut was covered in chocolate on the outside and inside filled as well. This was really good for the chocolate lover, but actually was not my favorite.  

The red velvet was my personal favorite, so perfect. These would be great for a party, what a fun dessert item for folks to enjoy. I would suggest stopping by when in the area as you will be very happy once you enjoy these french cream puffs!  

Barachou NYC 
449 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10024

Barachou Instagram 

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