Monday, August 6, 2018

Seneca Lake Wine Tour

I took my 2nd wine trip to Seneca Lake this year. I definitely felt it was much better than the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail I took last year. The wineries are much newer, and have much more varieties available. The area is also very beautiful, which is another great reason to visit. 
Seneca Lake Harbor is beautiful and the water is so blue, really lovely 

We had lunch at Belhurst Castle which I was really excited to visit, but overall not that impressed.
My lunch was not even worth photographing, the food other folks had looked better. It may have been because we were on a tour, our food was pretty mediocre to me. 

The outside is beautiful, and I am glad I visited but not sure I would go back. 
A chandelier made out of wine bottles is fun 
Necklaces you purchase when on a wine tour ( I did not however) 

I love pretty wine bottles as they make great vases for flowers after all the wine has been enjoyed! 

This was Magnus Ridge Winery which was a really gorgeous place. 
The wines were nice but I ended up buying cheese here as they had some really tasty flavors. 

Magnus Ridge is really a lovely setting done very well 
The Seneca Harbor Wine Center had the tasty Chocolate Lab wine which I did take home and was thrilled to see available in my local wine shop as well. 

They had us taste this wine mixed with others and it was amazing. Very good on it's own but really good mixed with other varieties such as Autumn Frost Strawberry White Zinfandel or Blackberry Merlot.
Lovely to see and taste champagne as well here - very large bottles for parties 
This was on the grounds of Belhurst Castle and was really beautiful 
I really enjoyed this area more so and this part of New York is really quite beautiful scenery. People come to the Finger Lakes region for wine all year long and I can see why. I may do another tour again in the future, but I am glad I finally got to see what all the talk was about. It is a lovely day trip and if you are a wine lover, it will make you very happy indeed! 

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