Monday, August 20, 2018

Relaxing Tea at The Baccarat Hotel New York

I was very excited to experience afternoon tea at the Baccarat Hotel New York. You take the elevator to the 2nd floor, and the Grand Salon which is such a gorgeous place for afternoon tea. You can even experience the city's most expensive tea service here, at $600, the Baccarat’s Tsar Nicholas II menu is 10 to 20 times as expensive as those of most of its competitors. The other available tea services are the King Louis XV ($95) and the Prince of Wales ($110). There are so many choices here, and very unique offerings. 

The gorgeous chandelier as you walk in to enter the elevator to the Grand Salon 

The table setting, with Baccarat crystal of course, is stunning 

I LOVED these champagne flutes 

The decor is just as over-the-top as you would expect 

We choose the Prince of Wales tea service, like having an English tea at Windsor Castle. 

Cucumber with Cream Cheese Foam and Grapefruit
Vadouvan Courgette Presse with Brie and Apple
Lamb Botifarra Tartelette with Romesco
“Peas and Rice” with Snapper Crudo and Tomato
Foie Gras Gougère with Strawberry Rooibos Jam

Raspberry Rose Charlotte
Tartlette aux Fruits
Baba au Rhum Exotique
Religieus des Tuileries
Warm Housemade Scones
with Devonshire Cream and Seasonal Gelée

Unfortunately, the staff was not totally on their game the day we were there. We ordered tea service for 2 but were only brought one at first. It took a while to flag our waitress down to say we had ordered 2 afternoon teas. I really felt for the level of this hotel ( a five star ) and the Baccarat name, it should be perfect every time someone dines here. 

As pretty as everything looked, this was the least amount of food I have ever received at an afternoon tea. I must say I was a bit disappointed but I loved the tier plates it was served upon. 

These were the savories, which was very tiny indeed 

Desserts looked pretty but I didn't feel they tasted anything special 

The tea service used was of course Baccarat and was really lovely. We paired the afternoon tea with Earl Grey which was very tasty.  

This was the lamb tart which I did enjoy 

These two items were interesting looking but not a whole lot of flavor 

Vadouvan Courgette Presse with Brie and Apple was quite tasty 

Raspberry Rose Charlotte was very pretty looking, taste was okay as I am not a Raspberry fan 

Foie Gras Gougère with Strawberry Rooibos Jam was my first try at Foie Gras and I must say, it didn't really appeal to me 

Baba au Rhum Exotique which I felt is made much better at the Italian bakeries 

You can also dine from the menu at The Grand Salon, which is something I would like to try. I hate to say but I wouldn't do the afternoon tea here again. The atmosphere was gorgeous, the Baccarat crystal is just divine, but I do not feel it was worth my $145.00. If money is no object, and you just want to experience an afternoon tea as luxe as possible, this would probably be right up your alley. Please leave a comment if you do experience afternoon tea here and let me know how you liked it.

The Grand Salon 
Afternoon Tea Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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