Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Strolling through Greenwich Village

I was thrilled to get myself back to the village in 2018, it was a while since I walked around the area. It is still fantastic, doesn't feel like you are in New York City at all. How adorable is the place above?  


Many gorgeous doors here with wonderful architecture and wrought iron. I love walking past these treasures!  

If you have never made it to this area of the city, you really need to. It is a fantastic experience!  


Glorious flowers available for sale all through the streets!  
A fantastic meat market, like the kind you have in a small neighborhood.  

I really loved the color of this door!  

If you enjoy pastry, Rocco's is a must to visit and enjoy a sweet treat!  
Struffoli is a Neapolitan dish made of deep fried balls of dough about the size of marbles. Crunchy on the outside and light inside, struffoli are mixed with honey and other sweet ingredients. This was one of my Mom's favorite desserts as her Mom used to make it at home.  
Pure heaven !  
Lobster tails filled with oh so darn good cream! I prefer these to the seafood lobster!  
Joe's Pizza is what they call the best pizza. We will be doing a food tour of the village next and I did get to try this pizza. It was quite good, very thin crust and totally yummy! Long lines can be found here on a daily basis, but it is worth the wait. 

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