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Celebrate 20 Years of Sex & The City with a Tour

Can you believe it is 20 years since we were introduced to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha! I myself cannot, and may just have to start watching some shows on my Amazon Prime. A really cool way to celebrate in New York City itself is to take the Sex and the City Hotspots tour offered by our friends at On Location Tours. I really enjoy doing tours in the city as it is an easy way to see a part of the city you may not be familiar with. Let me know if you do take the tour, how you liked it! 

On Location Tours has been in business since 1999, taking people to multiple locations from their favorite TV shows and movies filmed in New York City. They offer the signature TV & Movie Sites Tour, Sex & the City Hotspots Tour, Gossip Girl Sites Tour, Sopranos Sites Tour, Classic TV & Movie Sites Tour and Central Park Walking Tour. They also have a TV & Movie Tour in Washington, D.C. & their newest is a Brooklyn TV & Movie Sites Tour. The tours include your transportation in a full size bus with comforts of bathroom and air conditioning/heat depending on when you take the tour. You also have some discounts in various stores/restaurants at the stops during the tour which is a nice bonus. 

we met at the Pulitzer Fountain, in front of the Plaza Hotel started out as a gorgeous day!! 
we went past the NY Library, where the 1st wedding between Carrie and Mr. Big was to take place. We also saw the street where she threw the bouquet at him in the cars. We headed down to the village on Seventh Avenue South.........
our first of four stops off the bus was at the Pleasure Chest.......I enjoyed walking around that area as lots of gorgeous brownstones to admire .......we did get a discount here if anything was purchased 
we had another stop in the Village at Bleecker Street and that famous cupcake place, Magnolia Bakery. We had about 20 minutes to walk around and check out the area, do some quick shopping
On Location Tours had the cuppies for us on the bus which was a nice treat and a great idea since the store itself had a line outside and around the block!! 
Buddakan was another stop, where Carrie and Big has their rehearsal dinner..... 
what a gorgeous place!!  
this was where the rehearsal dinner was...such an opulent room!!  
it is very large with many rooms but still a reservation is a good idea here for dinner    
I think coming here for dinner would be a great idea!!
I really loved the look of the bar area  
We passed many places along the way of these drop offs like Samantha's door in the Meatpacking district, the Church of All Souls, Two Boots Pizza.....the guide tells you what you are passing as you drive along. Our last stop was O'Neal's on Grand Street .......... 
the Cosmo's were waiting for us when we arrived and we did get a bit of a discount due to being on the tour which was a nice treat ...... 
$350 penalty for honking......quite costly ...... 
if Cosmo's are not your thing, you are right in Little Italy and Ferrara's so you can take a walk for a coffee and a cannoli perhaps.....

Here is some commentary from my travel partner for the day, Taylor, who was pretty new to all these places in NYC: "I had a great time on the tour. I thought our tour guide Amy was very nice and extremely funny. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. I loved the little clips that were shown on the bus. Amy told me things about the show that I never knew. I loved most of the places we stopped at. My favorite stop was Buddakan because that is where Big gives Carrie her last single girl kiss and that is one of my favorite parts in the Sex and the City movie. The tour ran a little over but all in all it was AMAZING. I had a great time & I would recommend it to any who loves Sex and the City as much as I do."
Overall, I was very impressed with the tour. Their was quite a vary of age ranges for those who attended as well as people new to New York City and even some who actually live there. Our tour guide Amy was very enthusiastic for the whole tour and the Magnolia cupcake was a lovely surprise!! I would suggest to anyone taking the tour to give yourself extra time at the end if you are planning dinner or an event (Broadway show perhaps) as our tour ran a bit over the time of 3 1/2 hours. You need to figure for the NYC traffic(can't escape that) and other issues that may have the tour run past the allowed time. We had 4 stops & they were not very long as to stay on schedule but these tours allow you to see many areas and get familiar with them so maybe you would go back on your own and explore a bit more. I would suggest these tours for those both familiar and unfamiliar with the city as they really give you a nice over-view of different neighborhoods. You cannot go wrong in choosing any one of their tours, I think you will be very pleased with the end results!!! 
Tickets can be purchased HERE 
Gift Certificates are also available for that really unique gift ...they will love it !!

Where: Near 5th Ave. and 58th St. (exact location given upon purchase)
Holiday Schedule: 12/26 - 12/29 Adding 2pm Tours
When: Daily at 11am, and Fridays and Saturdays at 11am and 3pm. (Availability may vary)
Cost: $49
Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours

Advance purchase required.

FTC Disclosure:
**I was provided with 2 tickets for this tour mentioned in this post free of charge. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & was not obligated to give a positive review of the product. All opinions expressed here are mine. **


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