Thursday, January 11, 2018

Throwback Thursday " Building Tracks 1900"

Men working on the construction of streetcar tracks at East 42nd Street and Fourth Avenue in 1900.  Fourth Avenue later became known as Park Avenue.  To the right, on the north side of the street, a portion of the facade of Grand Central Station may be seen.  Grand Central Station was the predecessor of the Beaux-Arts style Grand Central Terminal, which opened in 1913 and which occupies the site today.  Many still refer to Grand Central Station, although that building technically only existed for thirteen years, having itself been preceded by Grand Central Depot, which occupied the site from 1871 to 1899.

I found this photo on the very cool website NYC Vintage Images, and it can be purchased to hang on your wall at home. This is not a sponsored post, but I do love these photos! I think I am going to be purchasing a few of these from this site to have framed for my home. Can you imagine the work it took to build the streetcar tracks in NYC? Unreal. We owe so much to these people who make our life so much easier in 2018. (I still cannot believe it is 2018!!)

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