Friday, January 19, 2018

Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Windows 2017

I must say, I was quite disappointed in the holiday windows this year. Bergdorf Goodman and Lord and Taylor did not impress me, they were pretty but not what I have seen in prior years. I fought the crowds while in the city to see the Saks windows, and didn't realize they were Snow White. It was a bit disappointing. They are nice, but I do expect something more from them for the holiday season.  

It seems many of the windows this year were sponsored by companies which I felt altered the creativity. 

Love those little guys!  

I had many nightmares as a child thanks to this lady. Is she really a lady?  

I personally would have not taken that apple from her. I am now even quite nervous about apples as gifts in general. :) 

Thank god for the Prince Charming.  

Let's hope in 2018 they get back to their magical ways! 

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