Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday "Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 1966"

Since we just had the lighting of the 2017 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree yesterday, I thought a vintage photo of the tree would be nice for today's feature. This shot is from 1966, only 51 years ago, but looks very different. In honor of Canada’s upcoming 100th anniversary (1967), the Petawawa Forest Preserve  provided the annual holiday celebration with a massive 64-foot white spruce, shipped across land 550 miles over the Thousand Island Bridge and into New York state. Once installed in front of the RCA Building, the tree was adorned with “five miles of of wire, 1,200 illuminated plastic balls in red, green, blue and yellow, and 4,000 clear 7-watt lamps.”

This is such a lovely holiday tradition, which I am sure will still be here in another 50 years for those to enjoy. It is worth seeing this tree at least once, fighting through the crowds, for a glimpse of history.

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