Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

I had the pleasure of doing a wine tour last month in Cayuga Lake, Seneca County New York. I have always wanted to do one of these, so I was pretty excited! 

The Finger Lakes is a very popular destination for wine tours, with many trails to explore! 

Lucas Vineyards was the first stop, and my favorite. 

Lucas Vineyards was the first winery on Cayuga Lake, founded in 1980, as was integral in the creation of the Cayuga lake Wine trail. They grow 11 grape varieties on 32 acres in Interlaken, NY and produce 25 wines. Commitment from three generations of the Lucas family is the passion behind the distinguished and fun wines of Lucas Vineyards.  Lucas celebrates their nautical ties to the New York City harbor, where the dream of a vineyard life in the Finger Lakes began. Pioneered and anchored by Ruth Lucas, Lucas Vineyards is devoted to grape growing, winemaking, and family.

The gift shop was done very nicely, I love the decor of their wine bottles. If I purchase one that is really fun, I like to keep it to put flowers on my table. 

The views were pretty spectacular! 

I purchased their champagne mustard which was really very tasty. I now wish I had bought 2 jars! 

These were my choices for the wines, Butterfly (love the bottle) and Nautie Miss Behavin' 

I loved the look of this very large wine bottle! 

The many ribbons Lucas Vineyards has won, pretty impressive! 

The gift shop had some really fun items for sale. 

The area is really lovely, so much greenery! 

Next stop was Hosmer Winery which I wasn't too impressed with, but look at that large pumpkin! 

This is where they grow the grapes for the wine, right on the side of the store. 

I did like this bottle design, but I didn't purchase anything here. 

This is Knapp Vineyard which we also enjoyed a fabulous lunch here at their restaurant. 

This seems to be the best restaurant on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail 

The servings were very large, we had a chicken salad wrap which featured roasted red pepper, dill, baby greens, provolone cheese, cucumber and tomato. It was served with their Cayuga Caviar, a marinated black bean, corn and vegetable relish. 

This server in the restaurant was having way too much fun! 

These were some fun signs in their gift shop 

I wasn't thrilled with the wines here, but I did purchase one. The staff could have been a bit more pleasant as well, I was disappointed considering the restaurant was so good. 

These coasters were pretty darn fun! 

The views from every winery are just breathtaking. 

I finally got to see my first peacock in person and I was over the moon! They are the most beautiful animals and I had to take quite a few shots! 

This came out so well I had one made for my desk at my office. Too darn adorable! 

Goose Watch Winery was probably my lease favorite, but had some of the best views. The staff was not too pleasant, they were a bit unhappy our group was a bit early for the wine tour. The only bathroom they had for their customers was pretty dismal, and the whole experience made me not want to stop back again.

Incredible views 

Our last stop was Americana Vineyards and from what I read online it said buy the fudge, not the wine. To be honest, by this time I was a bit done with the wine. I did purchase some fudge which was very good, but just sat in their cafe (nothing special) until we were ready to leave. The decorations were quite nice. 

A little piece of chocolate cake from Americana Vineyards 

I was really glad I did this trip, hoping to check out the Seneca Lake Wine Trail next year. I hear the wineries located in that area are a bit more upscale. The Finger Lakes is a gorgeous area, and they have events all year round. It is for sure a place you want to visit at least once. Many folks do bus parties here for birthdays or bachelorette parties, we saw quite a few throughout the day.

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