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The German American Steuben Parade 2017

The German American Steuben Parade was a treat for me to enjoy on September 21, 2013. I happened to be in the city that day. I wasn't aware it was going on until I got in my cab, but seeing this in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was quite a site! They had about 5,000 marchers walking up 5th Avenue from 68th to 86th street. There were 20 groups from Germany plus one from Switzerland and Canada. I hope you enjoy some of my photos from the event.  

The event is being held on September 17, 2017 and I highly recommend it if you are in the city that date. It is really a wonderful parade and so much fun! 

I loved loved this vintage fire truck and the fact it actually still runs from 1906 amazed me!  

I need a whisk this big in my kitchen  

These ladies were rocking these fabulous hats !! 

Bucket List: Doing a handstand in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
This was just way too darn cool  
As I watched the parade, I looked up at the top of the museum. Normally I am just running in to see what great exhibits are going on, and do not really stay at the building itself. This was just so beautiful  I hope you enjoyed the parade, and if you are in the city next year around this time, you may get to see it in person. A really fun event! 


Each year on the third weekend of September, The German-American Steuben Parade is held on Manhattan’s famous Fifth Avenue. The Parade is sponsored by the German-American Committee of Greater New York, Inc., and is organized by the German-American Steuben Parade Committee in a 
concerted effort between many German-American Organizations.

The Aim and Purpose of the Parade

The aim and purpose of the Parade is to celebrate the great role played by Germanic immigrants in the development of the United States. The Parade instills in all Americans with roots from German speaking countries a deep-rooted sense of pride and accomplishment.

The most recent census reveals that one in four Americans is of Germanic descent. Some famous  German Americans include: Peter Zenger, Father of the Freedom of the Press; Albert Einstein, Scientist; John Roebling, Builder of the Brooklyn Bridge; Werner von Braun, America’s First Space Pioneer!

The First Parade

Leaders in the German-American community were aware that many immigrant groups in the Metropolitan area expressed their pride and heritage with an annual parade. The first ever German- American Steuben Parade was held in 1957 in the predominantly German-American neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens. The enthusiasm was so overwhelming that on September 20, 1958, just one year later, the Parade was moved from Myrtle Avenue to its current location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The first New York City Parade lasted two hours, and included floats, bands, and marchers from the local community. Today’s Parade has gone international by consistently including over twenty groups from overseas, flying to New York exclusively to attend the Parade! Marchers from all over the country, as well as civic leaders, singers, dancers and social organizations enthusiastically participate each year!

For over 30 years the Parade was called The Steuben Parade, named after General Fredrick Wilhelm von Steuben, a patriot of the American Revolutionary War, who next to George Washington 
was instrumental in achieving victory for the Continental Army.

In General von Steuben’s honor, the Parade is usually set on the first Saturday following his birthday of September 17th. For the thirty-fourth annual Parade, the name was changed to 
“The German-American Steuben Parade” in order to identify it more closely with the German-American Community.

The parade is now held on the third Saturday is September.

Today's Words of Wisdom: “Eating in Germany is easy, because there is basically only one kind of food, called the 'wurst.'” Dave Barry

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