Monday, August 14, 2017

Lunch with Fat Witch Bakery at Cull and Pistol

I think one of my most favorite parts of being a blogger is getting to meet folks whose products I have adored for years. Such is the case with Pat Helding, who I recently had the pleasure of joining for lunch on a very hot summer NYC day. Pat started Fat Witch back in 1991, and I can't even remember how long I have been enjoying these most amazing brownies. I would suggest to just about anyone who visits the city, to stop here and pick up a few.  
Fat Witch is also available in Japan which I think is very cool.  
The candies are also just too adorable for words! These items make a great NYC basket for your family and friends!  

We had the most amazing lunch at Cull and Pistol within Chelsea Market. I am a HUGE seafood lover, meat is really not my thing, and finally tried raw oysters for the first time! They were amazing and agreed with me just fine. I make my own breaded ones, just never tried the raw but now I am hooked!  
I had a most amazing lobster roll and I must say, this is the first one I have really actually enjoyed!  
Pat had the wonderful soft shell crab bao buns.  
Okay, back to the brownies. I wanted to let you know that some of the flavors from Japan are in the Chelsea Market shop. They are the brownie babies (which I just LOVE the size) in Matcha, Almond, Citrus and Honey.  
My favorites are the honey and the matcha, but the almond is very good as well. I love the fact they are all individually wrapped so you can pop them right in your freezer, and take them out when you want a piece of sweetness! Brilliant! 

Fat Witch Bakery does ship which is also brilliant as they make great gifts for any occasion! What family member or friend wouldn't be thrilled to receive these tasty treats? I love promoting things that I really enjoy myself, and want to be sure you know to check them out when in this fabulous city they call New York!!

Fat Witch Bakery
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Avenue.
New York, N.Y. 10011.
Tel: 888 419 4824
Monday - Saturday : 9am - 9pm
Sunday : 9am - 8pm.

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